Zoran Gobac Strange computer manipulations lead us lose EURO 2014

← Previous Story Another fatal incident in Veszprem Next Story → TOP 10 handball “failed operations” in 2009/2010: “Ola, Sead and other big names” Croatia handballEHF EURO 2014Zoran Gobac Croatia and Hungary lost the hosting of the European Championship for men in 2014, but the way the voting was performed, raised suspicions about possible computer manipulations, and the president of the Croatian Handball Federation, Zoran Gobac, was very loud on this topic.For the Croatian media he said that “I warned the EHF that computer voting is not good, because it can be fixed, how is it possible that two votes are gone? Maybe that’s the votes for Hungary and Croatia”. Then also complained about the ‘abstaint’ nation adding that “how can one be neutral? why did they come then? one can not be neutral when they are deciding the fate of such big competitions.”He also gave recommendation that the voting should by ballot paper voting again, which will make it very simple, and being ironic, said that if the computer voting was in Croatia, Croatia would probably win by 32 votes to 16. Gobac was notably very angry about which type of countries decided who the winner is. “Scotland, Ireland, England, Monaco and Liechtenstein decided the winner. They are countries where the handball is on the margins. Some circles in the EHF will have to start asking themself how only Scandinavian countries get to host the big competitions.”Regarding the possible host of World Cup 2013, he noted that it’s only Spain and Denmark left, and it’s very obvious now who will be the host. read more

Kristina Liscevic played Final with broken hand

Serbian playmaker Kristina Liscevic has special place in the heart of Metz Handball fans after the play-off final second match in which “yellow” girls won the Championship against Fleury Loriet. Despite serious injury of right shooting hand during EHF Cup Final with Danish Holstebro week before, Liscevic decided to play and she even score goal but with the left hand!– Hm, God gave us two hands. So if you can’t play with the stronger, you should try with second one. I have to go to the surgery, because my bone doesn’t look well. That will be my fifth surgery in proffesional career. Hopefully it will be the last one – said Kiki Liscevic for Balkan-Handball.com. After surgery she will be out of training process for a month. broken handKristina LiscevicMetz handball ← Previous Story Loacker Bozen is new-old Italian champion! Next Story → Andjela Bulatovic to Krim Mercator read more

ThankYouIvano Share your memories about one of the greatest ever

One of the greatest handball players all time, Ivano Balić, will play his last match in proffesional career on Friday, when HSG Wetzlar will meet Frisch Auf Goppingen in the last home match of the season. “Handball Mozzart” will go to the history, but all what he did in handball will stay to inspire some younger generations.Balkan-Handball.com began and some of the biggest handball websites in Europe like Handball-world.com and Handnews.fr together with Handball-Planet.com gave the support to idea to make last 48 hours of career of Ivano Balic more valuable. Share your memories, photos, video, interviews via social networks with special hashtag #ThankYouIvano.Show the whole world how big he was… ← Previous Story VOTE FOR THE WORLD YOUNG FEMALE HANDBALL PLAYER 2014/2015 Next Story → IHF Congress from Budapest to Sochi! read more

Veszprem easily outplay Meshkov in the SEHA F4 replay

MKB MVM Veszpremseha gazprom league The reigning SEHA GAZPROM league champions, Hungarian MKB MVM Veszprem, showed at the start of the new season that it will be extremely difficult to move them out of the throne. Antonio Carlos Ortega and his boys were dominant in their first home match of the season against Belarus  Meshkov Brest winning 31:24 (11:9) in the replay of the last season’s SEHA F4 final.The clash of two high ambitious teams has been decided in last 10 minutes after home team’s time-out at 23:20, when Veszprem made crucial series to outplay their rivals. Nilsson and Lekai have had main roles in 4:1 series which put their team on +6 – 27:21 only five minutes before the buzzer, what was more than enough for the peaceful finish.The TOP scorers were Ilic and Marguc for the winners with 6 goals, same as Stojkovic netted for Meshkov. Good role had Roland Mikler with 16 saves…PHOTO. Zsoltan Melczer, MVM MKB VESZPREM ← Previous Story Fifth SEHA GAZPROM season begins in Brest Next Story → LNH: PSG Handball with 16.5 million EUR budget beat Zlatan Ibrahimovic! read more

Zvonimir Noka Serdarusic about PSG hopes We need better roster to win

← Previous Story EHF CL: First point for Swiss Kadetten – Motor beat Skjern Next Story → THW Kiel without Patrick Wiencek next six months! PSG HANDBALL coach Zvonimir Noka Serdarušić wasn’t satisfied with performance of his players despite convincing victory in Istanbul against Besiktas MOGAZ 40:30 in the VELUX EHF Champions League Round 3. A lot of „up and down“ moments at the start of the season, need to be stabilized and improved by experienced coach and his squad full of stars:– We had problems in the first half. I had a very serious talk with my team in locker room, and we won by 10 goals at the end. Someone will tell „Hey, you have to be satisfied, you won by 10 goals“, but what we showed tonight, I can’t say it was shameful, but it was very, very bad, especially in defense – said Serdarušić and added:– We are trying to „play“ in our game, in attack, without 1 on 1 play, without guys who are going between defenders, there are no serious fouls also. I know that they learned that in last few years, but also I know that we will change these habits. The only thing which I don’t know is how quick we will do that?Despite a variable form of the team, handball community see PSG Handball in Cologne next May at the VELUX EHF Champions League FINAL4…– Ok, if you see the roster, you see Narcisse, Karabatić, Omeyer and Hansen, but if you start looking from position to position, you see that you have nothing on certain position, left wing, right back, and if you want to make something in Cologne, you have to have more complete squad. I hope that I will make a team according my plans next season. However, with this roster, my goal is to play in Cologne.Do you have some „wish list“ of possible signings?– Who don’t have that, every coach has some players who would like to have in the team. When I am angry and nervous after bad match, I am not satisfied with some guys, but then again, I start to think „Ok, maybe you overreacting, give them chance, new match is coming“, however, they just confirming my thoughts. Then,  the best solution for both sides is to part our ways – concluded Serdarušić. PSG HandballZvonimir Noka Serdarusic read more

THW Kiel beat RNL to save DKB Bundesliga

11.Gummersbach19829515:51918 N-Lubbecke27 – 30Hamburg MT Melsungen25 – 28Hannover-Burgdorf 15.HBW Balingen-Weilstetten194015513:5778 Flensburg-H.28 – 25Gummersbach Goppingen29 – 21Leipzig 9.Hannover-Burgdorf19946523:52222 4.Hamburg191315561:50227 5.MT Melsungen191225539:49026 8.HSG Wetzlar191036499:49123 1.Rhein-Neckar191702538:42934 6.Goppingen191207516:45824 7.Fuchse Berlin191036552:50823 10.SC Magdeburg19838517:52919 STANDINGS: 17.Bergischer193115473:5527 18.N-Lubbecke190217485:5672 ← Previous Story Nantes to host Men’s EHF Cup Final4 Next Story → Vote for the MIZUNO WORLD BEST COACH 2015 in Women’s Handball! Kiel31 – 20Rhein-Neckar 3.Flensburg-H.191513557:46731 13.Lemgo195212517:58112 16.Eisenach193214504:6118 Rhein Neckar LowenTHW Kiel 14.TVB Stuttgart192512492:5699 HBW Balingen-Weilstetten30 – 27Lemgo 12.Leipzig19739500:52817 SC Magdeburg26 – 26HSG Wetzlar DKB Bundesliga title race is again – open! THW Kiel beat Rhein Neckar Lowen 31:20 (12:9) in the biggest derby of the strongest League in handbal world led by fantastic Ex-Lowen goalie, Niklas Landin, who had almost 50% of saves.THW Kiel-Rhein-Neckar Löwen 31:20 (12:9)Kiel: Landin (18 saves), Katsigiannis (n.e.); Duvnjak, Toft Hansen (1), Mamelund, Sprenger, Weinhold, Dissinger (8), Ekberg (4), Anic, Canellas (9), Dahmke (1), Vujin (6/2), Oprea (2).Löwen: Appelgren (14 saves), Ristovski (ab 48., 1 save); Schmid (4/3), Kneer, Sigurmannsson (5), Baena Gonzales (4), Steinhauser (1), Larsen (3), Pekeler, Groetzki (1), Reinkind (1), Guardiola, Petersson, Ekdahl du Rietz (1).RESULTS: 2.Kiel191603591:49232 Eisenach28 – 26Bergischer read more

Government attempting to weed out topup payments to health executives – Kenny

first_imgIt was wrong said Martin to “ask newly qualified nurses to survive on €22,000 when those at the top are taking top-up allowances of €30,000 above their salaries.”Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams said that “there is still a culture of privilege” which he says is fuelled by the actions of Government Ministers in payments to their advisors.Joan Collins TD of People Before Profit wanted the Taoiseach to make a pledge to identify ways of recovering the executive payments that breached regulations.Read: HSE pay breach ‘should be addressed’ – Howlin >Read: “Wouldn’t one increase have been enough?” – Martin hits out at insurance levy rise > Updated 09.14 PMTHE TAOISEACH HAS confirmed that almost a third of the hospitals and health agencies under Section 38 are breaching rules on pay senior executives.Enda Kenny was responding to questions about senior staff in State-funded voluntary hospitals being given top-ups on their annual salaries from additional sources, including income from hospital shops.Kenny said that salary scales must “strictly adhered to” and that “non exchequer sources of funding must not be allowed to supplement agreed salaries”.“It’s very clear, its very straight, ” he added.Kenny said that the first breach of this nature was identified in May at Tallaght Hospital and that as a result an audit was carried out. As part of this process, Kenny says that the HSE wrote to all these agencies to inform them of the guidelines and request a response.Of the 44 written to, seven have confirmed compliance while 13 have confirmed non-compliance. The deadline to issue final response was today said Kenny.“This Government  in attempting to weed out any additional sweeteners, ” he promised.Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin said that these payments have until now been “hidden under the carpet” and that it “beggars belief” that they have until now be kept from public view.Martin said that the Taoiseach should recall that Minister for Public  Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin had “declared a Fatwa” on other public allowances in the health service staff. These included, he said, sleepover allowances and footwear allowances but not the top-ups now revealed:These premier league allowances were exempt from that review, were not included and have been tolerated on an ongoing basis.last_img read more

EU passes deal on universal mobile phone charger

first_imgSHORTLY AFTER THE IEC pushed for a universal charger for both laptops and notebook computers, mobile phones in Europe will be getting the same treatment.Under a provisional deal on a new EU law, mobile phone and smartphone makers will have to provide a standard battery charger that can fit any device.The move is to help simplify the use of radio equipment while reducing both cost and waste.Lawmakers also agreed on additional means to track and monitor products which fail to comply with the new rules. Certain products are required to be registered before they can be put on the market, similar to the US.If the outline agreement is endorsed by the European Parliament and EU members states, member states will have two years to impose the rules into their national law.Phone manufacturers like Apple, and Samsung will have an additional year to comply, meaning the first universal chargers are expected to arrive in 2017.The draft laws lays down common rules for placing radio equipment, including cellular telephones, and modems, on the market. The aim is to ensure that devices do not interfere with each other while respecting the necessary health and safety requirements.It’s expected the full session of the European Parliament will sign off the law in March 2014.Read: International standards group pushes for universal laptop charger >Read: Smartphone users are 33% more likely to fall victim to identity fraud >last_img read more

9 internal panics youll have during the big Christmas food shop

first_img Source: Shutterstock6. “How many emergency bottles of wine and boxes of biscuits should I buy?”You know that as soon as you think you have everything sorted, a neighbour will call round with a bottle of Baileys and a card for you and you’ll have nothing for them.Emergency bottles and tins are always handy to have in case of such an event.Extra biscuits are also useful for the embarrassing moment in front of the aftermentioned neighbours when you realise that someone has infiltrated the Afternoon Tea and eaten the whole second layer. Source: Shutterstock.com7. “That person has TWO slabs of beer in their trolley. Should I get another slab?”Best to. Better safe than sorry. Maybe you should get three? After all, the shops are going to be closed for a whole day. Source: Wanderlustandlipstick8. “Which queue? WHICH QUEUE?”No matter which one you join, the one you didn’t join will inevitably move faster.You will grow to hate the person in the queue in front of you, with their overflowing trolley, insufficient number of bags for life, and their last-minute wallet fumbling. DOING THE BIG shop comes with enough problems of its own… wobbly wheels, unexpected items in bagging areas etc.Add in crowds, a longer list and a fight to the death for parking spaces, and you’ve got the daddy of them all: The Big Christmas Food Shop.Here are some of the internal panics you’re almost certain to go through…1. “That wagon is going to steal my space”It all starts in the car park, where the battle for a decent space makes monsters of men.2.  ”I’ve no euro for the trolley. I’VE NO EURO FOR THE TROLLEY”You cast around desperately, wondering if asking a stranger for a euro is out of the question. Source: Tumblr3.  ”That woman is reaching for the last sausagemeat stuffing”Christmas is ruined!Oh wait, there’s more over there. Source: Imgur4. “Eight litres of coke. Is it enough? Should I get another two-pack?”Nothing says Christmas like four litres of minerals packaged up and offered to you at a price you can’t refuse. Sure get another few. Can’t hurt. Source: Penn-packaging5. “Why didn’t I order a turkey?”You become convinced that as you round the corner to where the shelves of festive fowl are kept you’ll be met by a surely butcher who guffaws at your stupid failure to order their Christmas bird. 9. “I forgot the shagging tin foil”Never fear. You can pick up a roll in your local convenience store for €17. They’ll also be selling batteries for €36 and gravy granules for €13. Source: Tumblr16 reasons to hate doing the Big Shop>10 pains of online shopping everyone will understand>last_img read more

MEP looks to tackle governments pylon myths as Coveney acknowledges genuine concerns

first_imgAN MEP IS planning what she says is “high-level conference” on the plans to erect hundreds of electricity pylons between Munster and Leinster, as Minister Simon Coveney admitted today that the government needs to listen to concerns of rural residents.The Agriculture Minister was speaking amid ongoing controversy over plans by Eirgrid to expand and upgrade the country’s electricity infrastructure which will involve the erection of large electricity pylons in some rural areas.A public consultation process on the Gridlink project to link Munster and Leinster received thousands of submissions before yesterday’s deadline.But Enda Kenny and the government have come under fire over remarks made by the Taoiseach in Saudi Arabia this week when he linked the erection of pylons to the avoidance of emigration with one coalition senator describing it as “gaffe in the Gulf”.Ireland South MEP Phil Prendergast, who criticised the Taoiseach’s comments, has organised what she’s calling “high-level conference on pylons” which will examine the situation across the EU, the possibility of placing them underground and what, if any, health impacts.“It is important that some of the myths which have been propagated, particularly by the government side, are tackled head-on, and that we maintain momentum in our fight to prevent the destruction of our historical, cultural and geographic landscape across the country,” she said in a statement today,Coveney acknowledged that there are “genuine concerns” that need to be listened to but told Newstalk’s Pat Kenny this morning that if the Irish economy is to grow “we have to be able to find a way of moving energy around this country”.He said there is a “moral responsibility” to move away from carbon-based energy sources and said a way needs to be found to put “an infrastructure in place that can facilitate that”.The Fine Gael TD said he is not aware of any health risks associated with pylons but stressed the need to not “ignore concerns as they arise”.“We’re in a process here, it’s a difficult process, it’s a combatative process for the people who are very angry about this potential development,” he said.Read: Eirgrid receives thousands of submissions on pylon project‘Gaffe in the Gulf’: Backbenchers criticise Taoiseach over linking pylons and emigrationRead: Underground pylons will add 3% to electricity bills over the next 50 years, says Rabbittelast_img read more

Weird Wide Web Facebooks birthday squishing birds and dating with a difference

first_imgWELCOME TO THE WEIRD Wide Web – where we take a look at the week’s best offerings in tech and social media news.Birthday of the week(Image: Shutterstock)Facebook turned ten-years-old this week and boy did that make us feel ancient. It has changed a lot over the decade and these are just some of the moments that helped define the social media giant.Dangerous shopping features of the weekAs if it’s not already easy enough to run up a massive credit card bill buying random things you don’t need online, now you might even be able to buy things from tweets. The lovely folks at Amazon are also making it easier for you to buy things, with a new feature in their app letting you purchase items by just pointing your phone at them, Wired reports. Thanks you guys.(Image: itunes)Stress-relieving game of the weekThe infuriatingly difficult game Flabby Bird has been driving people up the wall. So much, in fact, that its creator has decided to resign it because it ruined his life. Now there is a new game in which you can take out all of this pent up aggression by, well, squishing Flappy Bird to death. Play it here.Dating website with a difference of the weekStories of people finding love online are becoming ever more common but this dating website is a little different, according to Business Insider. Women can create profiles for their very eligible single male friends, telling other women just how great they are. You even get to scope out the girls who are interested beforehand to weed out the crazies.Click here for larger version (Image: jessmeetken.com) Exciting gaming launch of the weekThis week Double Fine released popular game designer Tim Schafer’s first adventure game in more than 15 years. Schafer spoke to Buzzfeed about the changes in gaming over that time, the decision to crowdfund it and the pressure to live up to the success of some of his earlier gaming masterpieces. Here’s the trailer for his new game, Broken Act: (Video: DoubleFineProd/YouTube)Read all previous Weird Wide Webs>last_img read more

Finally A tablet computer thats just for women

first_imgHEY LADIES! DO you have difficulty operating regular, man-size tablets with your lady fingers and lady brains?No? Thought not.Well, anyway the ePad Femme is here: a tablet designed especially for women.Designed by electronics firm Eurostar, it comes pre-loaded with lady-pink wallpaper and a number of apps catering to your lady-interests.“The Tablet comes preloaded with applications so you can just turn it on and log in to cooking recipes or yoga,” Eurostar executive Mani Nair told the Jerusalem Post, adding: A screen shot of the device shows icons for “Daily Yoga”, “Our Groceries”, “Finest Perfume for Women”, “Cloathing Size Conversion” and “Women’s Assistant”.In case you were wondering what that last one is for, it comes with a bathroom-scales icon.The Dubai-based company – which also produces a number of other tablets aimed at specific groups, including gamers – wrote on Facebook that the ePad Femme is “one of the best gifts you could give to the ladies in your life—friends, relatives, loved ones they’ll all love it!”As yet however, it seems to be unavailable outside their local area.Incidentally, last Friday Eurostar also wished “all the ladies a Happy Woman’s Day”.via Ars TechnicaMore: Hey guys, it’s in November>One in five company directors is a woman (and she’s most likely to be called Mary)> It makes a perfect gadget for a woman who might find difficulties in terms of downloading these applications.last_img read more

Lance Armstrong could lose Legion of Honour medal

first_imgLANCE ARMSTRONG FACES the prospect of losing his Legion of Honour medal after French officials said they will open an inquiry following his admission that he doped during his Tour de France wins.Armstrong was awarded the Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur in 2005 in recognition of his seven consecutive Tour victories. The American admitted to doping during all of those wins and has been stripped of the titles.Armstrong always denied using drugs throughout his career but owned up to doping in a television interview with Oprah Winfrey in January.Francois Sourd, top aide to the head of the Legion of Honor, told The Associated Press by telephone yesterday that “an inquiry will be opened.” The investigation is expected to last several weeks.In pictures: Ciaran O’Lionaird and Fionnuala Britton land back with Indoor medalsLISTEN: Ger Gilroy opens Newstalk’s Off The Ball following sports staff resignationslast_img read more

Three men questioned over Dublin industrial estate shooting

first_imgGARDAÍ INVESTIGATING THE fatal shooting of Gintaras Zelvys on 1 May at a ‘cash-for clothes’ business in Dublin are questioning three men today.The suspects, two of whom are in their 20s and one in his mid-30s, were arrested this morning and are being detained at various stations across Dublin.Zelvys, a 43-year-old Lithuanian with prior convictions, was shot several times inside a commercial premises at Greenogue Industrial Estate in Rathcoole.The father-of-one was well-known to gardaí and to police in his native country.Gardaí are still appealing for information about a silver-coloured Audi A3 five-door hatchback that they believe is associated to the crime.Detectives wish to speak with anyone who may have seen the vehicle – which has a partial registration number 05-TN – either at Pace Avenue, Little Pace, Dublin 15 between 19 March and 30 April or at Newcastle Boulevard or Aylmer Road in Newcastle on the night of 30 April or the morning of the 1 May.They also want anyone who observed a silver-coloured taxi (a Toyota Avensis estate car) to come forward.  The vehicle – which has a partial registration number 10-D – was seen in the Newcastle Village area on 30 April and in the vicinity of the industrial estate on 1 May.Gardaí search for silver Audi in shooting investigationMan dies after shooting in south Dublin industrial estatelast_img read more

Masters Snedy as she goes but McIlroy triple bogeys as he slumps

first_imgBRANDT SNEDEKER FOUND three birdies over his final six holes to cap off a fine third round and jointly lead the US Masters.The American carded a 69 to sit atop the leaderboard at Augusta National. Angel Cabrera dropped big birdie putts on six, eight and 18 to join Snedeker on -7.Australian golfer Adam Scott also shot a 69, finishing strong down the stretch, and will start the fourth round from third position at -6.Scott’s fellow Aussie, Jason Day was on -7 as he stood on the 17th fairway but, 20 minutes later, had bogeyed the final two holes to sit on -5.Starting at -6, Day opened with three straight pars to stay ahead although he was briefly joined by countryman Marc Leishman. Leishman, joint second overnight, birdied the second, but dropped one at the fourth to slip back to -5.Matt Kuchar is in sixth place on -4 while Tim Clark, who recorded a round of the day 67, is a shot further back.Meanwhile, Tiger Woods, hit with a two-stroke penalty for an improper drop before the round started, opened with a birdie and was at -1 through nine holes, four strokes off the pace. A bogey on the ninth following a poor recovery iron shot will have worsened his mood. He regrouped strong and finished at -3. ‘The wind changed’Rory McIlroy was within three shots of the lead when he birdied the third hole but he recorded bogeys at seven and nine to drop back to -1 after 10 holes.The 11th hole mastered the Holywood native, however, as he found the water and had to take a drop. He eventually carded a triple bogey to drop back and had an ugly seven on the par five 15th. He is +5 as he finished on the 18th.McIlroy looked shell-shocked as he spoke to the BBC following his round. Attempting to sum up his triple bogey, and a duffed chip during the seven strokes, he said, “The wind changed.”The challenges of Englishmen Justin Rose [Level] and Luke Donald [+2] also faltered on a day when scoring proved tough for most of the field.Jason Day leads the way. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)Phil Mickelson’s hopes were shattered as the three-time former winner slipped out to +8 with a 77, while defending champion Bubba Watson, out first alone, came in with a 70 to get to two over.Freddie Couples was -5 until a double bogey on seven halted his progress. He eventually finished on Level Par.Chinese 14-year-old Guan Tianlang struggled to a round of 77 and at +9 was last but one of the 61 players who made the cut.Additional reporting – © AFP, 2013See the full leaderboard here15 people who are not happy with the Tiger Woods two-shot penalty decision>POLL: Should Tiger Woods have been disqualified?>last_img read more

Facebook says privacy practices are sufficient cites independent audit

first_imgFACEBOOK SAYS THAT an independent audit has found its privacy practices sufficient during a six-month assessment period that followed a settlement with federal regulators.Facebook said it submitted the findings to the Federal Trade Commission earlier this week.The audit was a required part of the social networking company’s settlement with the FTC last summer, resolving charges that the social network exposed details about its users’ lives without getting the required legal consent.Facebook provided a copy of its letter to the FTC, along with a redacted copy of the auditor’s letter, to The Associated Press yesterday.The redacted portion contains trade secret information and does not alter the auditor’s findings, the company said. The audit covered written policies as well as its data.“We’re encouraged by this confirmation that the controls set out in our privacy program are working as intended,” said Erin Egan, Facebook’s chief privacy officer for policy,” in an emailed statement.“This assessment has also helped us identify areas to work on as Facebook continues to evolve as a company, and improve upon the privacy protections we already have in place.“We will keep working to meet the changing and evolving needs of our users and to put user privacy and security at the center of everything we do.”Facebook did not disclose the full, 79-page report or specific details on shortcomings in its privacy practices that were revealed by the audit.Spokeswoman Jodi Seth said Facebook declined to disclose such details “based on contractual obligations and the possibility of security and competitive vulnerabilities.”The company has asked the FTC to keep the redacted information private, saying it would put it and its auditor at a competitive disadvantage and because it could reveal possible limitations of its privacy program.The name of the accounting firm is also redacted but that information will be released when the FTC responds to the audit.Poll: Do you think Facebook’s privacy practices are sufficient? Don’t have/use Facebook (268) Yes (70) YesNoDon’t have/use FacebookVoteRead: Mark Zuckerberg says it’s OK to ignore guests while checking your phoneColumn: The ‘Facebook phone’ is here – what does that mean for consumers?center_img No (275) Poll Results:last_img read more

Heres whos in the running to take Brian Hayess vacant Dáil seat

first_imgFINE GAEL TD Brian Hayes’s election to the European Parliament earlier this week means that two political positions have opened up. The now vacant office of Minister of State for the OPW and junior finance minister is likely to be reassigned in the Cabinet reshuffle next month. But of more interest to politicos will be the by-election for his Dáil seat in Dublin South-West which will be hotly-contested by the political parties later this year. Hayes’s election on Monday meant he immediately vacated his Dáil seat and his departure for Brussels automatically triggers a by-election for his seat in the Dáil within six months.The coalition partiesFine Gael will not be overly confident of retaining the seat given the party’s performance in the local and European elections and the strong working class vote in the area.The party will either run Senator Cáit Keane, who came fifth in the four-seat constituency in the 2011 general election, or else opt to blood a younger candidate and give them electoral experience with the likes of Emer Higgins, Colm Brophy, Anne-Marie Dermody and, even, Kenneth Egan in the mix.Keane, a former Progressive Democrats councillor, has remained active and prominent in the area in recent years, particularly around the Terenure and Templeogue areas which are her strongholds.The party may opt for her given the experiment of running the well-known, but politically inexperienced, Eamonn Coghlan in Dublin West didn’t go to plan as he finished fifth and put in a dreadful performance in an important TV debate.Labour, which holds two of the four Dáil seats (Pat Rabbitte and Eamonn Maloney), could run councillor Mick Duff, who has a strong support base in Tallaght. Or it could opt for Pamela Kearns.The party is unlikely to win the seat which means it could opt to field a younger candidate to give them new experience. In that case, one strong contender would be the newly-elected Martina Genockey who shot to national prominence during the election campaign.The oppositionFormer Fianna Fáil TD Charlie O’Connor, who won a seat on South Dublin County Council last week, is likely to look at regaining the Dáil seat he lost in 2011 when he finished sixth, ahead of former minister Conor Lenihan who has since left politics. But the former government party may seek to bring in a fresh face in the form of councillor John Lahart. Sinn Féin holds one Dáil seat in the area through its foreign affairs spokesperson Seán Crowe and will be expected to poll strongly, particularly in light of its success in some wards in the constituency where it got enough of a vote to take three or four seats but only had two candidates. Its likely candidate is councillor Cathal King but Eoin Ó Broin might also come into contention.One possible independent candidate is former South Dublin mayor Dermot Looney who resigned from Labour over its policies in government. He was easily re-elected to the council on a non-party ticket last weekend and would poll strongly.The Socialist Party could run either Mick Murphy, who has competed in every election in the constituency since 1997, or offer Paul Murphy, its outgoing MEP, a chance to restart his political career by running for the Dáil.Note: A version of this article was originally published on 29 January 2014 and has been republished now that Hayes has been elected to the European Parliament. Read: A Ming Dynasty? Here’s who’s in the running to take the MEP’s vacant Dáil seatlast_img read more

Original manuscript of Samuel Becketts first novel for sale

first_imgTHE ORIGINAL HANDWRITTEN manuscript of Samuel Beckett’s first novel, Murphy, is to go on sale at Sotheby’s London next week – and is expected to fetch up tp £1.2 million (€1.4m).Sotheby’s said the modernist text is “one of the most important 20th century working manuscripts remaining in private hands”Image: Sotheby’s LondonThe novel was handwritten in six notebook between August 1935 and June 1936, in Dublin and London, at a time when Beckett was undergoing psychoanalysis.The manuscript was originally entitled “Sasha Murphy” and is heavily revised throughout; Sotheby’s says the hundreds of cancellations and revisions offer “an eloquent witness to Beckett’s struggle to give form to his artistic vision”.Image: Sotheby’s LondonThe notebooks are also full of lively sketches “hinting at the author’s preoccupations during this period” and include recognisable self-portraits as well as drawing of James Joyce and Charlie Chaplin – who would later becomes influences for the tramps in Waiting for Godot. The manuscript also contains doodles of astrological symbols and musical notations.The document will be the centrepiece in Sotheby’s sale of English Literature, History, Children’s Books and Illustrations on 10 July and is estimated to fetch £800,000 – £1.2 million.Image: Sotheby’s LondonSotheby’s Senior Specialist in Books and Manuscripts, Peter Selley, said the copy of Murphy was “unquestionably” the most important manuscript of a complete novel by a modern British or Irish writer to appear at auction for many decades.“I have known about the existence of this remarkable manuscript for a long time – as have a number of others in the rare book business, and some Beckett scholars – but it has only been glimpsed, tantalizingly, by a few chosen individuals during that time,” Selley said.“The notebooks contain almost infinite riches for all those – whether scholars or collectors – interested in this most profound of modern writers, who more than anyone else, perhaps, captures the essence of modern man. The manuscript is capable of redefining Beckett studies for many years to come.”Read: Check out J.K. Rowling’s hand scrawled outline for Order of the PhoenixRead: 9 reasons why Terry Pratchett is an absolute legendRead: 12 books we’re all meant to have read but probably haven’tRead: Ireland’s Kevin Barry up for €100k literary awardlast_img read more

Sunscreen at the ready Its going to hit 25 degrees this week

first_imgIF YOU’RE PLANNING a beach day this week, it’s looking like Wednesday’s the day to do it.Temperatures have been creeping up since Friday — with tomorrow and Wednesday set to be the best days of the week.It’ll hit 23 in some areas later today, with the best conditions in the Midlands.After a warm night — with temperatures unlikely to drop below 10 degrees — it’s set to reach up to 24 degrees tomorrow.The outlook for the rest of the week, from Met Éireann:Wednesday will be yet another dry and mostly very warm day, with spells of sunshine in many areas; however, northern coastal counties may turn out cloudier than other parts of the country.“Winds will be generally light, but sea breezes will keep many coastal margins a few degrees fresher than inland areas.“Generally dry conditions will persist for Thursday and Friday but it is likely that both days will have more cloud, particularly across the northern half of the country.”However, “maximum temperatures will be several degrees lower than those earlier in the week”.Similar conditions are set to persist into the weekend, with amid of cloud and sunny spells.Read: What events are most important for Ireland? Pat Rabbitte wants to knowRead: 11 facts everyone knows that are actually completely wronglast_img read more

In Pictures Philadelphia Eagles New Green Stadium

first_imgLast week the Philadelphia Eagles announced that they would be retrofitting their home stadium Lincoln Financial Field into something much more green. And while the eco-friendly makeover won’t be completed until September of next year, the football club has released a pair of concept images that show what the stadium will look like.The images show the 80, spiral shaped wind turbines that will be mounted along the edges of the stadium’s roof, while large solar panel installations will be located on the exterior of the building. The whole installation will cost an estimated $30 million, but is also expected to save the club nearly $60 million in energy savings over its lifespan.NFL commissioner Roger Goodell believes that the Eagles will be just the first of many NFL clubs to go initiate this type of environmentally friendly stadium upgrade. “The NFL is one of the most competitive clubs in the world,” he said. “That’s because our clubs are competitive with one another.”Via NPRlast_img read more